The editor is quite easy to learn and does not require of any special description. If this is not the case, please, feedback me.

Main preferences
The \preferences\Default Preferences.json file contains main settings. Follow the comments in the file. Settings are applied immediately after saving the file

Theme settings

Files like \preferences\them_black.json contain the color setting of the application. You can create any number of themes. The links to these files are in the Default Preferences.json file.
Syntax highlighting
Files kike \preferences\gcmc_syntax_black.json contains the syntax highlighting settings for the language. Each theme and language can have its own settings file.
Postprocessor setup
The postprocessor contains a set of rules to translate code from GCMC to G-Code.
The link to this file is in Default Preferences.json file. The standard ini file format is used. In the current implementation, you can set only the following variables:

"START" - the beginning of the program
"END" - end of program
"PRECISION" - coordinate output accuracy, that is, the number of digits after the decimal point "FILE_EXTENSION" - default G-code file extension