Matilda CNC is a free text editor for creating, editing, and checking syntax and simulating the execution of control programs for CNC machines. The main difference between Matilda CNC and other analogues is that, in addition to editing G-code directly, it is able to develop CNC programs (for certain types of processing) without using CAD and CAM apps, via the high-level programming language GCMC and inserting prepared blocks for typical operations
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Main Features
Powerful text editor
  • Multi-document interface
  • Line numbering
  • Customusible syntax highlighting
  • Customusible themes
  • Unlimeted file size (Limited only by the amount of memory on your PC)
  • Undo\redo
  • Find\Repalace
  • Non-printable characters highlighting
Designed on Scintilla component
High level programming language GCMC
  • Loops
  • Conditional statements
  • Vector and math functions
  • Variables \ constants \ arrays ...
  • Fonts to curve functions
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NC code generation for typical operations
  • Possibility to expand the list of operations
  • Parameters setting
Preset Operation:
  • Milling serface
    • Milling rectangular and round pockets
    • Cutting circle / rectangle
    3D view and processingsimulation
    • Show 3D toolpath
    • Simulation of tool movement consistent with the G code
    • Setting simulation speed
    • Statistics

    Syntax check
    G-code and GCMC syntax checking.
    Math Functions
    • Translate\Scale\Set
    • Rotate
    Code Assist
    Hints for G-Code and GCMC codes / functions


    A brief description of the editor itself can be read here.

    Detailed description of the GCMC. Syntax, data types, function library, etc.

    G-code reminder

    Boris Berkhin - Matilda CNC editor
    Bertho Stultiens - GCMC language

    I will be grateful for any comments, ideas, and thoughts.

    Please leave feedback me if something does not work or if you lack some functionality. Even if you think that it is complete shit, please let me know anyway
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    Current version: 0.1.259